Examining No-Frills Mortgage Products

General Martin D. Krell 15 Nov

Examining No-Frills Mortgage Products     While No-Frills mortgage products typically offer a lower – or more discounted – interest rate when compared with many other available products, the lower rate is really their only perk.    This type of product will only seem ideal for you if you have no plans to take advantage […]

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The Trouble with Debit Cards

General Martin D. Krell 27 Sep

The Trouble with Debit Cards     We live in a society of instant gratification. Unlike our parents or grandparents – who saved up for larger purchases – we are often tempted to splurge on bigger-ticket items simply because we have a debit card in hand when we head out “window shopping”.   And aside […]

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Examining Revenue Property Options

General Martin D. Krell 23 Aug

Examining Revenue Property Options   With interest rates remaining at all-time lows, now is an ideal time to invest in the purchase of revenue property – and start building your revenue property portfolio or continue adding to your existing list of properties.   The key is to work with a mortgage professional who is an […]

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Remaining proactive in trying times

General Martin D. Krell 16 Aug

  Remaining proactive in trying times   With the uncertainty of job loss racing through many people’s minds these days, taking a proactive approach to this issue by putting mortgage payments aside while you’re still actively employed can help set your mind at ease.  Planning for the future and potential job loss is one of […]

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Have You Considered Refinancing To Pay Off Debt?

General Martin D. Krell 9 Aug

    Have you considered refinancing to pay off debt?   With the high cost of holiday gift-buying and entertaining now behind you, this may be the perfect time to get the New Year off to a fresh start by refinancing your mortgage and freeing up some money to pay off that high-interest credit card […]

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Is Your Mortgage Portable?

General Martin D. Krell 2 Aug

      Is Your Mortgage Portable?   Selling your current home and moving into a new one can be stressful enough, let alone worrying about your current mortgage and whether you’re able to carry it over to your new home. Porting enables you to move to another property without having to lose your existing […]

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Mortgage Options For Self-Employed

General Martin D. Krell 19 Jul

    Mortgage Options For Self-Employed   It’s important to note, however, that there is a significant difference between being pre-approved and pre-qualified. In order to obtain a pre-approval, the lender fully underwrites the deal whereas, with a pre-qualification, only the most basic details are considered. Remember that many banks will only issue a pre-qualification. […]

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Mortgage Brokers Offer Choice

General Martin D. Krell 28 Jun

Mortgage Brokers Offer Choice The next time you’re looking for a mortgage for that new house or you’re up for renewal on your existing mortgage, think about using a mortgage broker – their services are free and they offer you an abundance of choices the banks simply can’t compete with.   Mortgage brokers have access […]

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Looking Beyond Mortgage Rates

General Martin D. Krell 21 Jun

Looking Beyond Mortgage Rates   It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that comparing mortgage rates will guarantee you get the best bang for your mortgage buck. While this may be true for particular situations, there are many scenarios where this strategy is not effective. Following are three reasons why it doesn’t always […]

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